Hanger Textile Transportation


It is a logistics service that uses hanger containers specially designed for the transportation of clothes, dresses and other textile products produced in the textile industry without being damaged and wrinkled.

Features of Hanging Containers:

Hanging containers are specially designed for hanging clothes and textiles. There are hangers and metal rods inside, so that the products can be transported smoothly and without wrinkles. These containers can come in different sizes and capacities so that a variety of clothing types and volumes can be transported.


Wrinkle-Free Transportation: Thanks to the hanging containers, textile products can be transported without wrinkling, which ensures that the products reach the customers in a smoother and ready way.

Damage-Free Transport: Hanging clothes helps to transport goods without damage. This ensures that customers are offered flawless and high-quality products.

Efficient Storage: Hanging containers facilitate the storage process of textile products and ensure they are kept in an orderly manner.

Safe Transport: The sturdy construction of the hanger containers ensures that the products are safely protected during the transport process.

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