Railroad functions are a mode of transport used by trains for freight and passenger functions. This method has several advantages over other modes of transport and is widely used around the world.


High Capacity: train wagons carry more cargo than other means of transport.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly: It provides an economical and environmentally friendly option for transporting loads in large regions. Trains provide advantages over other transportation vehicles in terms of transportation cost per ton and provide less carbon emissions.

Constant Speed: Trains, like cars or trucks, are not affected by traffic jams and can move at a more constant speed, thus offering a more predictable transport process.

Long Distance Transport: The railway is very effective in transporting goods over long distances and is faster and more economical than road transport.

Usage Areas of Railway Transportation:

Freight Transportation: Railway is a preferred option especially for the transportation of heavy loads and large quantities of products. Petroleum, coal, steel, grain and other raw materials are common freight transported by rail.

Container Transport: Containers also play a large role in rail transport. Standard sized containers are transported by train, providing an integrated link between sea and land transport.

Passenger Transport: Railway is also widely used for passenger transport over long distances. High-speed trains are a popular choice for short trips.

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