The textile sector encompasses a wide industrial area that includes the production of fabrics and textile products that are widely used in clothing, home textiles, furniture, automotive and many more. Effective textile transportation is of great importance for the delivery of these products to the consumers worldwide and for the management of the supply chain. Textile transportation requires providing professional and flexible logistics solutions to ensure on-time and safe deliveries, taking into account the competitive and fast-paced nature of the industry.

Important Factors in the Transportation of Textile Products

Transporting textiles requires certain sensitivities, especially for temperature and humidity sensitive items such as clothing. Here are the important factors to consider in textile transportation:

Packaging and Protection: Textile products should be properly packaged and protective measures should be taken to prevent them from being damaged. It is important to design the packaging correctly to avoid deformation, discoloration or contamination of products during transport.

Appropriate Transport Mode: The transport mode to be used in the transport of textile products should be determined depending on the volume, weight and sensitivity of the product. Sea, air, road or rail transport can offer solutions suitable for different needs.

Container Selection: Different textile products need suitable container types. “Garment on Hanger – GOH” containers are specially designed for the transportation of clothes without wrinkles and damage.

Tracking and Tracking: Textile products should generally be delivered within a certain time frame. Tracking systems that enable logistics companies to monitor and track the moving process of products are vital to ensure on-time delivery.

Safety and Insurance: Safety is of great importance during the transportation of textile products. Appropriate insurance arrangements should be made against possible damage and safe transportation protocols should be followed.

Professional Services in Textile Transportation

Since textile transportation is a sensitive and demanding process, we provide flexible and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of customers, ensuring efficient movement of textiles within the supply chain and timely delivery. With our logistics solutions that adapt to the developing and changing needs of the textile industry, we play a role in meeting the demands of textile transportation, global trade and consumers, which form the backbone of the fashion and industrial world.